Creative Mythology: God and the Creation of Humor

In the beginning was the word, or the wordless – depending on who you do or don’t talk to.  And the word was made flesh, and the wordless became a whole lot of pregnant silence.  And those who speak sometimes know, and those who don’t speak just don’t feel like speaking because they have nothing to say.  Or else, those that don’t speak are the wisest, and those that speak have nothing to say, but say it anyway. Loquacious or silent, conversant or quiet – God wasn’t certain yet which would indicate wisdom, though She figured that individual circumstance would, in all probability, apply.

And God did the creating, go ahead and fill in the details however you want (so long as you understand that any single View is incomplete). When He was finished there was physics and form and what’s willed to be born.  There was spirit and air and a motion so fair.

In all this evolving complexity, something was missing.  “The universe takes itself too seriously,” She said while staring at a black hole near the center of an evolving galaxy.

Now, God understood it was necessary for the universe to take itself somewhat seriously in order to have the internal will to evolve.  He knew that, because it was part of the Creative Design.

Then a sun went violently nova, and another, and another, creating the much-needed stardust.  “The Big Bang was a blast,” God said with a smile.  “But birth can be intensely earnest.” God wasn’t smiling.  “Something is missing.” God decided to muse on that Missing.

QUESTION: Why did God create the universe?
ANSWER: To get to the other side.

God let out a little giggle, because the answer was both obvious and unexpected.  I will always be on the other side, and yet I will never get there.  I am at wit’s end.  It was absurd to think that God needed to cross the universe, because God is omnipresent.  And yet, the universe and Creation are expanding, so much Potential yet to be born, She conceived.

God decided to call it the first joke.  I admit, a somewhat personal joke, but the birth of humor nonetheless. Because I desire the universe develop a sense of humor, how do I share that creation?  God looked into Mirror, reflected on humor, and laughed.  And it was good.  “Created in my image…  Laugh, and the universe laughs with you, or at least those parts of the universe that are aware of laughter.”

“Yes, but how to create awareness, ” said Snake, who had suddenly become aware.

“I’ve a hunch that you have a notion.”

“Jeez Louise, the fruit of the trees – the birds and the bees,” said Snake with a devilish grin.

“Awareness may come with a cost, but it’s not to be Paradise lost.  Rather then tossed, I’d prefer it a street that they crossed.”  She paused, giving Snake a chance to reply.

“If the eighth day of creation is sex,” Snake finally said, “then the ninth day should be fertile with the folly of jolly.”  God reflected: Whether trickster or clown, it is time he go down.

“You are a lot funnier without legs,” responded God. “Now go ye and slide across the street, where both the absurd and the obvious will meet.”  God then returned to Reflection.

“Birth is consequential, but Creation needs the potential of humor.  It’s the unexpected choices that Creation will make that makes a monkey out of Snake.”

The eyes in the mirror sensed a feat to complete.  “Snake won’t be the only game in town.  There will be muses of every sort whenever I’m around.”

Even the birth of a Muse can be taxing.” Was it Mirror who spoke?  You’d like the mingling with Muse to engender a-muse.   God decided it was time to put a circle on this conversation.   

“Read my lips,” God said as She formed Her mouth into a circle. “We’re all very serious about this creation business.  That’s why I needed to create humor.” Mirror could not help but agree.  You can’t have Yang without Yin.

“And now for my next trick,” said God as S/He walked into the mirror and disappeared, having again crossed the universe to the other side.

In the beginning was the word, the wordless, and the resulting laughter.  If not laughter, then at least an infinite smile.

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