Notification: It’s officially mid-winter

According to the PJ calendar, today, January 15th, is mid-winter here in the Midwest.  In a more severe winter, the day carries more significance – winter is half empty.  Methods of celebration are arbitrary and therefore not requisite.  But, if you want to get into the spirit of the day, you could gather snow into a glass and bring it indoors.  As you watch it melt, meditate on what it means not to be frozen out on the tundra. Then, use the melt to water a plant – a metaphoric anticipation of spring.

Of course, another way of looking at this is that winter is still half full, so don’t throw out your long johns or jills quite yet.

Those of you living in warm climates that lack a true winter, or a winter of any kind, have my deepest (most jealous) sympathy; you lack the experience of a hibernation-induced humbleness.

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1 Response to Notification: It’s officially mid-winter

  1. Nil says:

    Thanks for producing a smile on my face…

    I love the small snow meditation and ritual but after two rather cold and snowy winters this time Belgium seems to have forgotten what winter should be like and we’re stuck above the 0°C line with buckets of rain coming down. Maybe I could try it with a glass of muddy water that is accumulating in my little jungle outside?


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