Quirky contemplations: High on Beauty

QC Koan: If black holes are a Galaxy’s refuse dump, what sorts of gems might be found there – accidentally discarded?

High on Beauty

A man walked up the trail on his way to a scenic canyon view.  He breathed with each step, labored as if with age.  It was late in the day.  He was alone.

He arrived, shocked by the majesty.  The bare stone fell vertically into walls that supported a theater of cliffs.  The sun was setting – the glow sublime.

“This world is too beautiful to bear,” he said with tears of passion escaping his opened eyes.  “I can’t stand it.  I really can’t stand it.”

He couldn’t stand it.  He jumped.

Let it not be said that white men can’t jump.

He jumped.  His heart skipped a beat.  The sun stopped setting.

What else had there been for him to do?  He felt the pull of the cliff and he jumped.  Am I taking this over the top?

It did not take that long to hit the ground.  He had not jumped high enough to dunk the flaming disk so far from his outstretched hands.  It was as if his shoelaces were tied to stone.  Either that, or he was less than stellar in the jumping department.  Two inches up, two inches down.  Not very high if you are measuring vertical leap, but high enough to touch the peak of experience.

He’d jumped for joy.  It was like giving a high-five to the sun, he thought.  He sat.  It seemed like the boulders could see him now.  As the sun set the light shifted, until the edge of that disk had slipped past the horizon.  A slam-dunk for Beauty.

Then he headed back down the trail, flashlight in hand, like the gift of second sight.

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2 Responses to Quirky contemplations: High on Beauty

  1. Irina says:

    Jim, your story could happen in ordinary reality!
    Beauty can overwhelm, as happened to me on my first trip Greece. As I climbed the Acropolis hill and caught my first glimpse of the Parthenon bathed in soft morning sunlight, tears began streaming uncontrollably, until I could no longer see the sight, but felt merged with it and was ecstatic with joy in a timeless moment.
    On another occasion, my mother and I visited the Bouchart (sp?) Gardens in Victoria Canada. She was about eighty at the time and in a wheel chair. As I pushed her chair to the guard rail to look at the famous Sunken Garden, she suddenly passed out. I was afraid that is was due to vertigo, but when she came to, she was both crying and smiling. “Beauty shock!” she said. That garden, extending as far as the eye could see in the valley below, was indeed one of the most beautiful sights in my own long life.

  2. Emilio says:

    Driving home from work on a drizzly cloudy afternoon I thought about beauty. I saw the reflection of the red stoplight on a puddle and thought this could very well be beautiful… I saw the reflection of the red light shimmering as drizzle fell on the puddle. A good productive day behind me and on my way home i felt joyful and the brief light show was indeed beautiful and then it turned GREEN!. I thought today a McDonalds arch could be beautiful! Maybe even ugly can be beautiful. At least for now…

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