Personal Experience: Sacred Conversation — Imagination

Note: Following is a poem taken from Sacred Conversations: Dialogues with Soul (available on this website).  The poems in this book are actual conversations with Soul.  I allowed myself a onetime light editing of any original transcript.  Sometimes my shorthand questions would not have made sense to a larger audience, and occasionally I’d get a message from Soul, “Please change this word (or phrase) as follows:…” Then I’d type up the poem, and be done with it (I am the one creating line and stanza breaks).

In an earlier poem, the Soul and I had this exchange (I speak in regular font, Soul speaks in italics):

I feed my body.
There’s also an aspect to feeding my soul.
  Yes, soul with a small “s” is that aspect
  of your larger Soul alive within you at any given moment.  
  The soul within your daily grasp is your responsibility.  
  You need to nourish yourself with soulful activity.  
  That’s as important as food.

I include it here to demonstrate how Soul differentiates between the larger Soul and soul.

And now, a poem from the book.  Again, the reminder: I speak in regular font, Soul speaks in italics.  I also indent 2 spaces for Soul.


I had a dream last night about imagination.
  You are concerned you did not recall the details.
Somewhat.  More like, I’m wondering what I forgot.

  But you had a marvelous time,
  and you still feel the warmth of that.
I do, but I also want to connect
with the source of that warmth.

  You want to know the wellspring of imagination.  
  It is the Soul.  
  It is where the Self intersects with the world.  
  It is the ego trying to make sense of magnitude
  and requesting unstructured assistance.  
  What you have gathered of reality
  becomes a basin for imagination.  
  You can imagine yourself defeating fears or villains.  
  You can race a photon of light and also imagine
  how the event is witnessed as a stationary observer.  
  You can imagine yourself getting to a point
  in time ahead of the scheduled event.  
  Imagination is the light extending from your mind
  out the fingertips like brush strokes of imagery.

Imagination is the animation of dreams.
Imagination nurtures the reality of a life.
  You’re feeling it.  

  When you’re grounded you can build
  from the imagination like a child with tinker toys.
And when one is ungrounded?
  You could become lost in fantasy,
  like a bubble in the wind at the mercy
  of whichever way reality chooses to toss you.

How does one come into balance?
  When driving drive.  
  Negotiate the hard surfaces of physical life
  as circumstance requires.  
  Behind you, always the fairies, the gods,
  and the creatures of opportunity.
  Behind you, Carl Jung digging channels
  in the flowing water like a child.
  Behind you, the unstructured opening for play
  that eventually is allowed the space to express itself.
  Behind you, the playful Soul willing to join                 
  in the game of connecting tinker toys.                  
  The analogy is more apt than you might think.

It doesn’t have to be accomplishment, does it?
  It will become its own accomplishment if given attention.  
  Imagination has its own life.  
  What begins as play ends as creation.

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  1. Irina says:

    Jim, I like your Imagination poem very much. Got wrapped up in reading and “grokking” it!

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