Book Excerpt — Gathering My Life into Feathers

Note: This passage is an example of two power animals working together in consensus reality to get my attention in order to teach and reveal.

Introduction: The Gathering of Feathers

It was a cold day in early spring.  The bald eagle was bold with hunger. My two little dogs were off leash, as we walked along a stretch of the Mississippi River that was barren of trees.  Haiku and Po-Dog had gotten about 150 feet ahead of me – beyond my protection.  The eagle was steering toward the dogs.  I felt a sudden and clear empathy with the seasoned raptor, could feel the cautious wondering. Could one of those little furry creatures, caught out in the open, become food? The eagle was low in the sky and closing quickly with my oblivious puppy-dogs.  I sent a sudden and clear message empathically back to the eagle, which could be translated as: “Depart, leave those furry creatures alone.  I will not give up in my defense of them.”  At that precise moment, the eagle veered off and flew away.  He was not interested in a hassle and was out of sight in seconds, flying just over the top a railroad car next to the path.

I decided to call my dogs and reverse course, back toward the trees where a hungry eagle would have less room to attack.  We were greeted by crows, well over a hundred crows calling and dancing in the trees and on the electric wires.  They were looking intensely in my direction.  I connected with them as a nation.  They seemed to be saying, “Hail to He-Who-Turns-Away-Eagles. We guarantee your safe passage through our territory.”  All that intensity felt like another world.   I felt supernaturally protected.  

Several weeks later I was in my living room, standing in front of the bay window of my suburban home in South Saint Paul, gazing at the clouds.  I was thinking about this very book.  In the distance I saw what looked like a bald eagle.  A bald eagle would have been an extremely rare sight in the metropolitan suburbs in 2004. The bird was too far away for me to be certain of its identity, and since I’d never before seen an eagle flying above the houses in the 20 years I’d been living there, I considered that it might be a turkey vulture.

Just then, the bird veered and headed straight for my house.  I could see that it was a bald eagle being chased by two crows.  The eagle flew right at my house, veered and flew directly across the length of my bay window.  The Eagle literally flew 20 feet from where I was standing, grabbing hold of my attention.  I raced to the deck off the dining room to continue tracking their flight.  The birds flew about a half block away, then headed straight back for my house, flying directly overhead about 30 feet up before flying over my house and into the distance towards the Mississippi river a mile away.

My first thought was, “That had to be an omen, but of what?” I couldn’t connect a symbolic meaning to the flight.  But it was highly unusual.  Perhaps it had been a general blessing, a gesture of luck from the spirit world.  I had felt the world open up for a moment.  I knew that the event was connected with my earlier encounter with the eagle and crows by the river, but I did not know what it meant, if anything, in a larger context.  If this had been a dream, I could not have read the symbolism.

I took a shamanic journey to confront the mystery.  In that dream, I relived the eagle flying by my window with shamanic eyes.  In those moments that the eagle flew past my window, the light grew very much brighter, and I could feel the veil between the worlds grow thin.  In the wake of its flight, an eagle feather slowly dropped onto my lawn.  I realized that the eagle’s flight had been testimony to my connectedness with the underlying spirit in all things.  Picking up the feather in the dream-journey, I could also see that this series of events was a feather in my spirit cap, and felt inspired to re-title my book accordingly: Gathering My Life Into Feathers…

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