Mystic Poetry – Night and the Light

Writing mystical poetry takes time.  There has to be the mystical embrace as well as the words that give descriptive justice to the experience.  Overused phrases may well describe the experience with accuracy, but are unlikely to convey anything meaningful to the reader.

Usually I allow an effort of poetry multiple periods of respite, coming back to the words and re-entering the experience trying to align with the threads of communication. It’s worth doing for the visitation alone, like reviewing a sacred photograph.

These two poems are purely mystical – dissolution with the Majesty.  I invite you to enter the experience with your own associations and resonance.  The first poem aligns Mystery with the darkness of night.

The Love I Cannot See

Words fade as darkness descends.
What feelings dawn in me
as I merge with the evening tide.
I hoot with owls and splash with waves.
I am so very close to the edge,
but remain connected to my humanity
by a fine but sturdy thread.
It is my emotional core that keeps me alive.
Every sound I hear is an echo of that feeling.
Declare the Mystery — it’s all that remains
as my body dissolves, as Night’s air
channels the embrace with boundless Being.
I am spread out like darkness,
adding my soul-song to the current,
and holding the love I cannot see.

This second poem aligns Mystery to the merging with sacred Light.

Pulled Into Light

Want to experience the core of Mystery?
So do I!  Even an approximation would suit.
Are you coming along?  Your Escorts are waiting.
Prepare yourself, as if in the very next moment
you may disappear from the tick and the tock.
Think you can’t do it?  Time to stop thinking.

Corral your resistance, all the “can’t do” entropies.
Aim your attention on the Source of breath, like
leaves all a-flutter and the sky alive with desire.
Something like floating wind will animate
your shift and inspire the currents of mood.
Let’s meet at the shrine in the fields of Light.
The inertia of ecstasy is its own source of pull.
How could we possibly describe that experience?

Poetry by Jim Price
The photo “Night Bridge” by Around the World
The photo “Light in Trees” by Keeper of the Flame

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2 Responses to Mystic Poetry – Night and the Light

  1. Irina says:

    I love your poems, Jim. They express beautifully those feelings and affects I often experience through shamanic work but find it difficult to convey in words.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks Irina (I wrote a similar reply earlier, but apparently have trouble posting my own replies).

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