Spiritual Practice: Circles of Time (And a Visit to Alice in Wonderland)

Most of us understand the cyclical nature of time, which is circular because the earth rotates days in a circle and the earth orbits seasons in a circle.

Like the seasons, events also follow circles in time.  We venture out and return — either daily or in a longer cycle such as a two-week trip.  Even linear motions are circles as we follow a day’s events from start to finish.  A circle is completion.  Examples include meetings, travel, and appointments.  It is often within our potential to influence a successful joining of the circle into a event-unit of time that just happens to include the future.

Circles of time can be influenced by intention.  Imaginal creation. Journey mind.  You know some of the way stations that you’re likely to encounter along the way.  Connect with those imaginal images in your journey mind.  See yourself arriving in good form. But remember, journey mind isn’t fixed or forced.  If you see or feel blockages in your imaginal journey, you must pay heed.  Take a moment to explore the blockage.  Is it an omen that you should try another path, or a warning that the path is going to be harder than you thought?  Prepare yourself for the needed effort.

Sometimes it can be a matter of connecting mindfully with the now at the beginning of the journey, and connecting with a visualization of the ending of your journey – seeing a successful return.  Feeling the accomplishment.  We can extend our minds into the future along the circles of time, beginnings and endings.  Some outcomes seem to form into a circle of time with our embrace of the whole event.

Sometimes, it may feel like an event stretches the limits of your imagination either by its scope or its extension — too far — into the future.  Circles filled with complicated variables may push our mind’s eye.  That is the time to break down the circle into smaller pieces that can be negotiated separately, before reassembling the whole with completion in mind.  As far as circles extending too far into the future, all I can say is that, like the Soul’s potential, if you practice working with circles of time you’ll encounter circles that extend beyond your limits of perception into the unpredictable — time too far into future.  Negotiate with the boundaries of the future.  Try to stay in touch with the changing landscapes that may become part of your ongoing potential and journey.

When using shamanic mind, it is important to allow the imaginal world its own honesty.  Bravery and a clear heart will clean your visioning of projections and wish fulfillment.  Request your spirit helpers or Soul to help you overcome obstacles.

There is a homelike feeling when an event ends as it was visioned from the start.  With some events, it feels like the moment was all one, that time didn’t tick out in seconds.  Rather, it occurred as a circle event – rotating at its own pace.  I wouldn’t call that relative time.  We might call it a blessed connection made whole by transpersonal will interacting with time.

Move forward in circles. I think if Alice were still in Wonderland, she might get some advice on the subject:

“Now please listen carefully,” began the Mock Turtle, “and don’t finish until I’ve at least begun.”

“But how can I finish if you haven’t begun?” asked Alice.

“Don’t confuse the tissue,” said the Mock Turtle as he wiped a tear from his eye.   “The tea-time master always taught us to sip the last drop first.”

“The tea-time master?”

“The tea-time master was an old conger eel, who always sipped time from a circular cup,” answered the Mock Turtle, whose shell was close enough to a circle to qualify.  “He also taught us glowing, calming, and raking in coils.”

“What was THAT like?” asked Alice.

“Must I spell it out?” asked the Mock Turtle, who was fast becoming the Tortoise (who taught us).  “Going, coming, and baking of goals.”  Or was that, making the wholes?   It was hard to spell out time.

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