In the Spirit of Time

The date for the end of the Mayan calendar has come and gone.  Since the winter solstice, our days are slowly getting longer.  The New Year is approaching.  These events signify change — endings and beginnings.  In the minds of many this time of year represents an opportunity to consciously adopt, adapt, and improve (motto of the Round Table).  And this year in particular is granted special change butterfly Tobby Donagheysignificance.  Is it really an auspicious time?

By definition every moment is imbued with time and the flow of change.  Therefore, every moment carries potential of both endings and beginnings.  In theory, each ongoing Now of time is equally pregnant with possibility.  To become conscious of our ongoing possibility is an exercise in mindfulness, applied attention, and directed intent.

However true that might be, it is also true that Life’s moments each have their own signature or quality, which makes some moments in time more auspicious for enacting change than others.  It’s this quality of the fluctuations in the field of change that I’m attempting to explore in this little essay.

My spirit helpers inform me that all moments in time are not created equally.  I’m encouraged to compare the fields of time to the spirit of place.  The spirit of place is a gestalt of inherent qualities and external influences.  The inherent qualities of a place are those that exist naturally – through its own nature.  A place can hold and transmit intrinsic beauty and the depth of spirits that reside there. Some places are inherently powerful and some places seem to make us trip and stutter.   In addition to inherent qualities are those qualities transmitted or rendered from the outside.  While animals certainly contribute to the spirit of place, humans seem to have the most potential to consecrate or desecrate a site.  Theoretically, any place can be made sacred by the worship of a critical mass of individuals.  A place can accrue relevance.  A place is also imprinted with the memories and activities of what has happened there over time. All of these qualities converge into the perception of place.

Like the spirit of place, there is a spirit of time that is created by a gestalt of convergences. There are inherent qualities of time that interact with matter, circumstance, and the will of spirits and Universe. Time naturally interacts with the physical properties of matter such as motion and gravity.  Underlying that surface tension, I believe, is the mysterious will of planets and stars projecting the magnetism of their galactic minds – influencing the quality of space/time. Astrology is one way that people use to try and make sense of the energetic ebb and flow. Every moment seems to have its own energetic signature.

On the other hand, time is filtered through individual and group perception – the experience of time is relative. For example, a hummingbird and a tortoise have different perceptions of the flow of time.  People, it would seem, also experience the malleability of both the flow of time and the density of an experienced moment of space/time. This process happens on both individual and group levels of perception.   Individual experience of time is intuitive, and requires no further explanation. Collectively, a critical mass of belief will communicate relevance to the group mind. Belief in endings or beginnings can be contagious. Some associations are created by cultural standards.  For example, cultures around the world do not all share the same New Year as our Western Gregorian calendar.

It is the fluctuations in the inherent quality of time, as well as perceptions of time, which create a density of potential for actualizing a moment. What we call an auspicious moment may be a convergence of individual potential, group consciousness, and the will of planets, stars, and the various spirits of Time.

On August 16 1987, our shamanic community participated in the Harmonic Convergence — a globally synchronized meditation/ritual celebration orchestrated by Jose Arguelles.  The date was chosen for its own significance as well as in anticipation of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Arguelles predicted that in 2012 a new cycle of world peace would begin with contact by the galactic federation.  I thought that 2012 was so far off that no one would hold him accountable if his prediction did not occur.  (Arguelles was apparently beginning the organization of another Harmonic Convergence for 2012, but passed on in 2011.)

For me, the event represented an opportunity to explore the potentials of shared spiritual consciousness.  The hook to our attention seemed secondary.  Our shamanic group held an outdoor celebration.  There was magic in the air, so much positive expectation.  That night I was filled with the stuff of visioning.  At midnight, vibrating with resonance, I shared the energy with my brother, who described the experience as both energetic and healing, like an electric current passing into his body.

It seems to me that auspicious occasions for making positive change, or for scheduling events, is a combination of fluctuating fields as well as the contributions created by the expectations of individual and group minds.  We’re just passing another such time — the “end” of the Mayan calendar.  Predictions for what would happen were varied — from the end of the world to a variety of new beginnings.

It is entirely possible that the end of the Mayan calendar is genuinely momentous — marking moments in time when reality is open to chaotic fluctuations and more malleable to whatever change we project or intend.  It is equally possible that the Mayan calendar grabbed the attention of enough people so that group mind created a larger opening through which events may flow.  Either way, an auspicious time to act.

Whichever way you choose, this is a good time for transitions, a time when magic can more easily be conjured.  It is a good time to take advantage of all the psychic energy that has been let loose — unclaimed or unintegrated.  It is a good time for transformations.

Image by Robby Donaghey


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