Spiritual Practice: Keepers of the Flame – Messengers of Light

We love Earth, so it is easy to be concerned for Her future.  It is easy to be concerned that the special relationship that has evolved between people of conscience and the living planet can be snuffed out by ignorance and disrespect for the Sacred.  So I took a shamanic journey.  I traveled.  Humbled and cleansed, this is what I was given:

There is, and has always been, the potential for communion between the open minds of humankind and spiritual light.  While folks maywoman sun flame connect individually or in small groups, there is unity within Light for all who find connection.  There’s a name for this fraternity.  It is called Keepers of the Flame – a morphic field evolving from intrinsic creativity and the instinctive memory of collective participation.  Members are messengers of Light, retrieving light as a balm for darkness.  Flame and light may be used interchangeably as a mythic description of radiance.  Flame is a dynamic and fluctuating field.  We merge in a field.  Light is a distinct quality that travels, illuminating the horizon or single source.  We see distinction and the outlines of other when in the light, until we merge – both particle and field.

This isn’t a secret society.  No one signs up or pays membership dues. There is no target demographic and no secret handshakes. Membership with Keepers of the Flame is not exclusive, nor does it depend on creed or ideology.  Anyone who works selflessly, without rancor or condemnation, and supports harmony and the health of our living environment gains automatic membership.  One becomes a member through active participation.  The doing, and properly timed not-doing, is what builds the field of this spiritual community.

Purity of intention brings you into resonance with the Sacred.  There has always been, and will continue to be, a need for Keepers of the Flame: autonomous individuals who prioritize creative expression and reverence for the Creation over societal notions of accumulating wealth, acceptance, and status.  There is no single or prescribed methodology.  In the Middle Ages there were individuals, such as monks, who kept secret libraries and held knowledge so that the Word would not be lost.  In the East silence was held as a sacred stillness.   These are generalized examples. The Way is the light. As participants gather, the light grows brighter.  Keepers of light will hold and pass on the evolving qualities of human potential and a communion with spirited energies.  Participation can involve our thoughts, actions, and our deepest embrace of the Sacred.

The work requires heart, and that we transcend the boundary of our ego in moments of inspired or dogged effort.  The medicine we own or acquire is the effort we have to give.  There’s no simple definition for “the work.”  It could happen in a single moment, like planting a tree that will bridge earth and sky.  It could happen in a single moment, when we transcend the shortcomings and pain of our life and speak the words that stars might hear.  It could happen in a single moment, a moment that blends the now with an unfolding future.  It happens when we participate with epiphany.  It does not happen, necessarily, with general recognition or notoriety.  Both innocence and experience can allow one to slip between worlds — beyond the concepts of deceit and human convention.  “I speak for the Earth.” Use words that are spoken through you with either song or silence.  “I speak for the Sacred.” Feel the vibration in mind and marrow.  A flame was lit, another heart added to the bowl of light.

We are not alone.  The world, the universe, is alive.  The Keepers of Light are in contact with that living reality – not all the time, but during moments of planned and spontaneous invention.  As we deepen our connection we become more alive.  This is the way of living, tracking the shine.  We become united in the fields of resonance, following the pathways that are lit by others and ourselves — steadfast despite the trials of shadow and the human condition that are bound to test us.

We unite with a larger body into a morphic field of light.  We unite like a pack of wolves howling from a distance beyond the range of sound, listening with the third ear.  The threads of our resonance connect us.  We unite like a super-organism informed by Spirit.  Keepers of the light create a morphic field together.  The degree of our participation depends on personal awareness and the depth of our practice.  The degree of our participation fluctuates with our ability to nurture the path of our own medicine and pay attention to the Way.

The strength of this morphic field depends on the collective consciousness of participants and effect of that attention on the collective unconscious of humankind as it breathes through the shared roots of our existence.  The collective consciousness informs sympathetic elements of the collective unconscious.  The growth of group perception could lead to a tipping point of group beliefs and shared actions.  Change really does begin within (a field of perception).

If a more enlightened tipping point within the field of group participation and awareness can be achieved — honestly and compassionately without coercion, dark passions, rancor, or manipulation — then the horizon of light will be made wide.  Who knows what transformations may occur!  If the strength of the morphic field is bright but narrow, lacking a broad consensus, then the continuity of Pathway will be less likely to prosper broadly, but cannot be extinguished.  Whatever darkness or trials arise on planet Earth in the future, there will always be hope.  If the morphic field is bright but narrow, there will always be sanctuaries of light even in the darkest of ages.

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  1. fortune faychild says:

    YES! yes, i understand know this, this work dnd my affinity with the planet and the spirits who always tend to the task of connecting we earths people to tend and act on behalf of the possible, what e should we survive, we will when we leav his planet it will be as a united tribe in the our light bodies again. This fraternity is what i have been so lonely to reconnect with what i have phrased, “my family of origin” It is the soul vow that has been carried on across lifetimes,.My “memories” of the beginning heredaft as it may sound , i remember the quickening of the planet, that light injected into her center , it began to spin and she was born into her being aware and alive. Every place in form has a higher harmonic that is stepped down into manifestation. TheOld Ones with immortal concern as they called themselves when the met with me to remind me, they hold the templet for that to happen here, they seemed in what i saw of that interface with me, was as this geometric form, as an awesome force of impersonal love and mywork always is to hold the frequency , feet on earth to anchor and run that poer through me, I am like how can this be so, i am like a pissant, no titles, positions, i am behind the scenseWhen i dance , calld sometimes to ask how i might ssst the keepers devs of place, it is bliss, its a thrilling joy and challemge for that harmonic to chanel hrugh physical form, Giace has diected me thrugh many years to hold the frequency 3 diffeent places on the california coast, paety to work with the next work of devas tomeiate the earthquake damage to humans, when in santa cruz . we knew we couldnt long prevent it there, i knew a big one was eminent and guided to go to san diego tough it semd an odd place to go, Shortly there after the santa cruz quake occured. I qute recently stated the study of the shammabic methods, And YES yes its what i’d been living withou knowing what this way is called, . My “job” has developed to be a psychic, a healer and a warrior as well. I have a mission in the lifetime man walked on the moon – my past druid self had a part in hiding something that is needed now for humanity and earths benifit, it’s vital it be brought up again, it was divided in parts, and the tribes, esotric tribes who hid a part must wotk in harmony or it can;t be used we celts couldnt let th it fall into romanr control.
    What i am supposed to voice for it to wake up memory into those that took the vow is t is”The time hass come, call out the tribes” Does that resonate?h I wonder if the person i rode with to hide our part of the puzzle is incarnate at this point, surely he must be.I was ccalled Merrywell and strangely i alled him Anon.

  2. Jim says:

    I love that phrase “my family of origin.” Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. There are so many ways the work comes together — the timeless breath.

  3. Irina says:

    A wonderful essay, Jim. It addresses many of the issues I was grappling with in our drum session last week. Thank you!

  4. Faerie of Heart says:

    I have not yet learned the words, appropriate enough, to explain how beautiful this is.

    It is welcoming. It is uplifting. It is gentle, hopeful, kind and do-able.

    Thank you for writing and sharing these words and thoughts.

    Thank You, God, for directing my fingertips to this essay. Amen.

  5. Steven mull says:

    I’m illuminated fire keeper/honorable shellback.

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