Creative Mythology: The Seer and The Roulette Table

Note: This very short story has qualities of a fable.  It tells of a young seer trying to make useful divinations for a somewhat demanding friend.

A man learns that his friend is a gifted seer.  “Help me out,” he pleaded.  “Have a vision of the future just for me.”

“OK, I’ll do my best.” If you can’t help your friends, the seer thought.

So the seer is meditating in a darkened room, when he has a vision.  It is going to storm severely tomorrow.  He calls his friend to inform him.

“I just saw that on the TV weather report.  Tell me something useful, why don’t you!”

The next day the seer has a vision of his friend kissing a woman named Jane.  He calls to tell him.

“She’s my girlfriend.  Of course we kiss.  Is that the best you can do?”

The seer is getting frustrated, because he wants to please his friend.  He knows his friend likes to gamble, and makes a dream request for a winning roulette combination.  All night he dreams: 31 black, 31 black, 31 black…  He calls his friend the next day to tell him.

“OK, fine.  But when do I bet?” The answer comes to the young seer: “12:00 midnight.”

His friend gets to the gambling casino and there are two roulette tables.  He sends a text message to the seer: which table    Answer: the one on the left

He bets $1000 and loses.  He hears the table next to him call out: “31 black.”

Angry, he calls the seer to report the bad news.  The seer reasons: “I guess we were facing the table from opposite directions.” His friend yells at the phone: “I just bet and lost my rent money.  Any other gambling tips?”  The seer has none.  There is a long pause.  “OK, how about some advice in general – you owe me.”

The seer closes his eyes and concentrates.  He hears the words: black car, and accident.  He tells his friend.

I just bought a black car, the friend thinks to himself.  He didn’t know that.  The friend decides to take a cab home.  The next day he goes to pick up his car.  It’s early in the morning and his car is the only vehicle in the parking lot.  It’s been totaled.  He runs inside.  A tired worker explains.

“I heard a loud crashing noise just 5 minutes ago, but by the time I got out there – whoever hit your car must have fled.  Sorry.  I phoned the police.”

“Fat lot of good calling the police will do!” His car was under-insured.  The friend is irate and phones the seer, cursing him out thoroughly for a full minute.  Then he decides to challenge him.

“For the last time, use your powers of second sight to divine something useful.”

“You’re going to lose a friend.”

“Oh yeah, who?”



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