Integrating a Modern Spiritual Practice: Electricity Part II

Part I centered on the ways we can the come into relationship with modern life through a connection with electricity.  Essentially, the rainbow lightning from Amazing Worldnotion is to turn electricity from a backdrop commodity into a Thou.  If we are able to do this, I feel that the manifestations of the deity would transform (pun intended) into higher forms.  This is how contagions begin.  Campaigning for renewable energy is just part of that equation.  The other side is honoring the Electric.

I took a shamanic journey to ask questions about the nature of the electric, and how we can honor that energy given our modern context.  The journey probably informed some of my editing in Part I.  Following is a transcript of a conversation with my shamanic Teacher (March 27, 2013):

Q: How do we honor the spirit of Electricity?
A: It’s like when you call the directions — uttering each aspect of the creation — where the sun rises, where the sun flies high in the sky, where the sun sets, and when the sun is absent at night.  You bow to the earth and sky.   You recognize the gifts these corners have to give — the beginnings and endings.  As a part of that honoring, understand that the sky is pregnant with water and electricity.  The earth is pregnant with water and electricity.

Q: Modern technology and energy are so easy to use.  How can one remain aware of the gift and not take it for granted?
A: When people first planted wild things into their fields, began to shape them into agriculture, the nature of the wild thing changed but people still sought the blessings of the earth and sky.  People were still connected to the land.  Now so much is literally automatic — more mechanized or digitized.  So, further the removal.  You have to try and see the elemental forces.  Your home should be more temple than factory.  Now again, see the water from the earth as it comes out of your faucet.  See the electricity from the sky that charges through the wires and the walls of your home.  When you can see and honor that, you can make different kinds of choices.  If a critical mass of people are making different kinds of choices, that will affect the way things are done.  The mass consciousness will create a reality and the means of our reality that is more conservative with energy and honors the earth more effectively.

Q: For so many people electricity has become invisible, just in the backdrop of their lives.  How do we address that?
A: It’s important to use what you take, and then be thankful.  Make good use of the tools you are given.  This is a component of individual awareness.

Q:  I’m feeling a qualifier lurking in the background.
A:  There is a dark side of energy in the unconscious backdrop — the unintegrated shadow of God (or Universe) that binds with the unintegrated shadows of individuals.  In other words, the unintegrated, incomplete aspects of the world exist both in the individual psyche and in manifestations in the outer world.  In some ways, the two are connected.  By working toward integration, (as Carl Jung would say — individuation) you’re more likely to be removed from the consequences of dark energy.  That is, less likely to be taken hostage by the lure (at this point I see an image of a deep-sea fish fish lure from extremesciencewith electrical lure that brings fish close to its mouth).  We might call this the pit of dark energy, or the slavery of dark energy.
Q: Can you elaborate?
A: When people are driven by impulsive desire they are more likely to consume without satiation.  They lose touch with the sacred.  They don’t care where their next meal comes from, or how it is obtained.  Understand that eating is a metaphor for all consumption.  That includes electrical consumption.

Q: Would making an offering to the spirit of energy/electricity be appropriate?
A: The offering you make is awareness and also successful sacrifice — call it fasting, or dieting — the energy you don’t use that is given back.

Q: Is renewal a kind of offering?
A: Renewal is renewal.  Where your influence is felt, so will your renewal also be felt.  Renewal can happen anytime.  When you’re out walking at a place you’ve been many times but see the world as new — that aspect of the world that resonates with your sight — that is renewal.  You’ve heard of happiness contagions passing between people.  Renewal contagions also pass from sentience to sentience, spirit to spirit.

Q: Renewal seems like a good place to end this.  Thank you.

The dark energy referred to was not the dark energy of physics, more like the dark side of the Force.  Since I was asking about energy, I feel that the word energy was going to be expressed in the language of the answer.  Thus the word energy was used instead of force. There’s an analogy: an individual may have rage behavior that results from a tumor in the brain.  We see the rage but not the tumor.  The rage is a manifestation of the tumor.  This analogy is symbolic of the manifestations of dark energy.

Sometimes we work on healing the earth with cleansing light that we see and direct in altered states. This is good practice.  It might be useful to become aware of what is dark, either literally or as living symbol.  Pollution, greed, and insatiable desire are manifestations of dark energy. When we become aware of the dark places we can direct our connection with Spirit into those spaces.  That connection is often seen as light.

And when we act cleanly in the world, what the Buddhists call right action and right livelihood, we’re contributing to a consciousness of light.  When we can become aware of our own shadows and the shadows of the world, we’re contributing to a consciousness of light.  When we cleanse the darkness that acts on our own lives, we are contributing to a consciousness of light.  Imagine a more integrated environment.

Photo lightning from Facebook page Amazing World; Photo fish from extremescience

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  1. And the question of why — the mysterious force of dark energy, which accounts for about three-fourths of the mass-energy of the entire universe — is one of the greatest questions in modern science.

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