Personal experience: Tales of Dragonfly

Dragonfly as nature spirit
Recently, I was walking with my dogs on a local nature trail.  There were no people, but scores of dragonflies.  Perhaps because I’d been dragonfly from Facebook page How To Enjoy Lifereading a book by Jo Walton entitled Among Others, I was thinking about fairies.  In her book, a teenage protagonist can see and sometimes interact with fairies.  She finds the experience somewhat unpredictable and filled with Mystery.  I looked at the dragonflies and said out loud: “Are you guys like fairies that we can see?  Do nature spirits merge with the physical aspect of your bodies from time to time?”  In answer, a dragonfly swooped down to head level, about a foot to the right of my head, and slowed down considerably to keep pace with me as I walked.  It seemed like the dragonfly slowed down so that we could travel together.  I could feel the fellowship.  There was no need for language.  After about 10 seconds (in human time, and who knows how long in dragonfly time), the spirited flyer flew off.

Then I had a moment where I wished I’d entered into deeper communication.  I had, once upon a time, entered into deep communion with a dragonfly eye to eye (  When I converse with Nature, or one of nature’s representations, it’s not like I want to make small talk.  Or maybe I did, maybe I was hoping for some dragonfly gossip that would make little or no sense to me.  Or maybe I was hoping to talk about the weather, although if I want to talk about the weather I’m more likely to try and engage with the sky, wind, or clouds.  No, I understood the gesture for what it was.  I understood that a nature spirit was granting me significance.  I felt blessed by that.

Precognition and the dragonfly
(Originally recorded as a poem.)
About 10 years ago, I was sitting by an isolated lake in Northern Minnesota — reading, writing, and immersing myself with Nature.  A dragonfly caught my attention.  I watched as it captured and ate small insects — now you see them now you don’t — almost like they were inhaled.

While watching this dragonfly hunt, I recalled a singular event that had happened in a nearby circle.  Many hundreds of tiny insects must have hatched.  They seemed to float upwards, almost like miniature air balloons, creating a small cloud.  They reminded me somewhat of a shoal of sardines, fodder for the larger fish.  There were over 50 dragonflies and perhaps a dozen are so swallows all feeding on the swarm of insects.  Now, swallows are acrobatic birds, and every once in awhile one would make a try for a dragonfly.  The dragonflies eluded capture every time with the most remarkable aerobatics.  I was in awe of the wondrous motion.

Having completed my recollection, I returned my attention to the single dragonfly before me.  I thought (rather loudly): “Wouldn’t it be interesting if a bird tried to catch that dragonfly, but the dragonfly skillfully got away.”

Several seconds later my precognition seemed to come to life. A bird that was hidden in a thick of leaves dove straight, the short distance, toward the dragonfly with an unexpected quickness.  For a frozen moment the ambush seemed like it couldn’t fail.  Then the dragonfly did an unlikely sideways-downward-backward-loop out of harm’s way, before speeding off.  This little drama occurred about 10 feet from where I was sitting.

At first, I was satisfied with awe.  I was satisfied with the flexibility of space-time, events, and the larger mind that connects them; perceiving the sphere of an event that exists as an idea, without the seconds ticking from start to finish.

But then I began to wonder.  Was this more than precognition?  Did my presence, my thought as a linked visualization, influence the outcome?  And if so, how would the bird feel about that? It’s not like I felt the bird somehow looked in my direction and made a causal connection.  There seemed to be something more elementary that I couldn’t identify. My connection with the bird seemed unresolved, or at the very least a loose end that my mind wanted to somehow bring full circle.

About to discard any possibility of my linked interference as projected nonsense, I felt a deposit rain down from the sky.  Looking up, I saw that same bird flying away from an overhead tree branch.  It had just sh*t on my forehead.  Wiping away the retribution, I was again uncertain. Was that a frustrated response to my visualized interference (through which the dragonfly made escape)?  Or was the bird unconsciously validating my feelings of synchronicity without confirming my role one way or the other; just a chain of events in which the mind in the chair was connected to the mind of Nature.

This certainly didn’t feel like karma (see Pigeon Karma:  I couldn’t attribute the “dropping” to a pattern of cause and effect.  It felt more like the action was simply validating my link to both dragonfly and bird in the circle of this event.  The mind in the chair had become connected to the Play of Nature.

Does a bird sh*t in the woods without a head to witness?  It wasn’t my intention to fly in circles, but to become a circle.  For it is not by reason that we come into knowledge, but in the experience of the thing that is so much larger than my individual consciousness.   Better to simplify causality and embrace the moments with shine. Feeling the fullness of that circle, I decided that in future I could appreciate the connection without the need for fluid affirmation.

House hunting
While searching for the site of my current residence, my spirit helpers indicated that a dragonfly would be the omen to indicate a property with opportunity.  And so it was.  In addition, when my modular home was being lifted and lowered onto its foundation, there were hundreds of dragonflies dancing in the sky.  No doubt, they were there for their own reasons.  No doubt, this was another interconnected event.

Healing the places you live
It is good practice to honor Nature and nature spirits by participating in the healing and growth of your local habitat — be that your home and garden, a local park or preserve, or a place in nature that you frequent.  You can do energy work, soul retrieval, directive prayers, and act as steward — a form of stewardship that matches your abilities, resources, and predilection with the environment where you nurture and are nurtured.

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