The Kiss of an Angel

Last night I was experiencing severe pain, the worst pain I’ve had for a while.  I was having trouble sleeping, so I decided to put angel from Facebook page Rbert Moss Dreams art by Karen Tarltonmyself in a meditative state.  At one point I felt a clear angelic presence.  It radiated from a core — something like a body that was standing or hovering next to my bed. It felt slightly feminine — almost motherly.  The energy washing over my bed was very sweet, loving, and powerful.  Definitely palpable.  It was intense; I forgot about my pain.  And I could feel that presence coming closer as she leaned over to kiss my cheek.  For a moment I was concerned that the energy would be too powerful for me to endure if she were to make contact.  But she stopped short, perhaps 3 to 4 inches from my face, and I could feel a gesture that I imagined to be something like a kiss.  I was blessed.

The feeling stayed with me for the rest of the night.  Even though I had pain, lots of pain, it didn’t really bother me.  I’m usually not very happy with nights like those, but this one turned out to be special.  Being kissed by an angel — it’s a difficult thing to describe.

It just doesn’t matter what I call it — a compassionate spirit, an archetype of mercy, Soul, a configuration of concerned and caring ancestors, or an angel.  I can still feel her looking over my shoulder from a distance.

Image from Facebook page Robert Moss Dreams; art by Karen Tarlton.

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6 Responses to The Kiss of an Angel

  1. Christine says:

    Jim, how beautiful for you, and beautifully shared. You are truly blessed; and how illiminating to have been guided to transcend those bodily sensations. I am sorry that you’ve been in so much pain. Is it fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue pain, or other than that? (There was recently a major breakthrough in discovering the cause of FM.)
    ~ C. Buckham

  2. Jim says:

    Fibromyalgia used to be the diagnosis, but I don’t fit current criteria of pain sensitivity to light touch. I actually have a pretty good pain tolerance. I believe Fibro has been upgraded from a syndrome to a disease. I have a chimera of disorders, among them a new category called myofascial pain syndrome and a probable Ehlers-Danlos variant — very loose joints.

    Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Irina says:

    How lovely!

    Have you thought of journeying to find out more about this Entity and ask if it would become your regular Spirit Helper?

  4. naomiprice says:

    I like irina’s idea also.

  5. naomiprice says:

    I also like this painting. I want to do art like that.

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