New Book: Gathering My Life Into Feathers: A Wondrous Spiritual Journey

When I was a kid, I remember being told that if I didn’t gain more weight, the wind would blow me away. That didn’t scare me. I figured with just the right amount of lift, I could fly.

From 10/15 through 12/15 I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota in order to determine the cause of unexplained weight loss. I weighed 141 pounds in 10/15, and 137 pounds on my last day at Mayo, 12/24/15. No clear cause was found. At 6′ 6” tall, I was nearly 30 pounds below my usual weight, and had a body mass index (BMI) of 15.8 (severely underweight). I continued to lose weight even though my calorie count was 2300 good calories a day. That should have been sufficient. By 6/16 I was down to 132 pounds. That’s a BMI of 15.3. That summer I got down to 128 pounds (BMI of 14.8 – at the time, below 15 was considered “starvation,” perhaps to scare those with anorexia). It seemed like a trajectory toward invisibility. I began thinking of my legacy.

Of course, my life is my legacy – my soul’s experience and all those people that I helped in whatever way, or influenced without even knowing. But I wanted something tangible, and decided three books would be part of that legacy. Researching self-publishing, the costs just seemed too high. I certainly did not want to leave behind hundreds of unsold books resting in a pile without a home.

Recently, through Amazon, the cost has become very reasonable. And in the interim, for a variety of reasons, my books got better. Give me enough time and I can be a good writer.

Gathering My Life Into Feathers is the second book I’m publishing (I’ll write something about the first book later, but this is the one I care about right now). This is the type of book that I liked when starting out on my own spiritual journey: spiritual autobiography with miraculous events and teaching themes.

book cover

I priced the book just about as cheaply as possible ($8.50) because I’m not trying to make money, and because I feel the words are well worth sharing. This book is larger than average because, alongside my experience, I felt like there were important things to say. If I end up making money, I’ll donate the proceeds. Here’s the link:

I’m living in the moment. In the future, the books may sell, or may not sell. I write them to come alive. With this book I am putting emphasis on the potential malleability of our world, and the importance of expressing our Soul’s potential and our innate ability to perceive the interconnededness of all life — going beyond separation to interbeing. If we can shine with Soul’s potential and live from connection and love, I believe our species may have a better chance over time. This is no small thing. I’m intending to provide inspiration for the transformation of species awareness. Besides, this book chronicles an interesting journey, starting out in innocence and gathering experience over time.

By the way, for a variety of reasons I began to gain weight in 4/17, so now I’m an abundant 142 pounds plus. When I turn sideways, you can still see me.

With Love…

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