Link to My Author Page on Amazon

Here is a link to my author page on Amazon:

About Jim Price

Jim Price (AKA James) is an author currently living in western Wisconsin, but lived most of his life in Minnesota. He has been a spiritual traveler for his entire life, but became a dedicated traveler at age 19 (when he discovered Taoism, Zen, and meditation). Now retired, he has been a VISTA volunteer, pre-school teacher, live-in house parent, accomplished karate-ka, shamanist, counselor, and director of a human services organization.

He can be reached through his website, for as long as it lives:

Hey, I love to write. In order to write I need to live deeply, because, like most authors, my work comes from experience. I realize I am not well known, so I have priced my books as inexpensively as possible. It doesn’t cost that much money to give me a try. I have always felt that the act of writing, of granting relevance and putting an energetic signature into the world, is a sacred act – putting my whole self into right action. We can all do that, with whole self intention, in the patterns we make in the world. These books are some of the patterns I am sharing.