I am a spiritual traveler, a meditator since 1973, a former karate practitioner (for nine years ), and a shamanic practitioner since 1985. A practice of mindfulness led to a love of poetry and a hobby of comparative mythology and the variety of ways one may achieve expanded states of consciousness. I’m not selling anything. I’m giving away my perspective, using different forms including essays, creative writing and what I call Quirky Contemplations. I hope to contribute to an evolving spiritual community.

My life seems to be requesting a platform for my experience and reflections – an appointment with sharing.  Thus this website (blog and books).

Experience is important in the gathering of knowledge; to test reality firsthand.  I think of myself as discriminating, carefully sorting though my own experience and considering the reliability of external sources. The fact is, anyone can get it wrong – no matter what their station or profession.

But, oh, the wonder when it’s gotten right.  Sometimes I wish I could negotiate the world in full Presence of the divine, allowing Soul and the spirits to operate direct.  But then there wouldn’t be any need for me.  And, imperfect though we are, there is a need for each of us.


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