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The Water Actually Spoke

In 1978, 23 years old and married half a year, Naomi and I spent nearly 3 months living in a rough cabin, perhaps 6 feet by 8 feet in size, surrounded on three sides by the BWCA. The BWCA is … Continue reading

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The Grace Of Kindness

Recently, I had a long moment of unexpected grace — a bestowed blessing. What makes this somewhat unique for me is that I was both reluctant to engage this opportunity and then completely baffled as to why I deserved it. … Continue reading

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Time through a Cat’s Eyes

The following poem is rendered from a nighttime dream I had when I was younger, in which I conversed with a Cheshire-like cat.  I was a cat with a human soul, primed for a hyper-real experience with potential consequences.

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The Kiss of an Angel

Last night I was experiencing severe pain, the worst pain I’ve had for a while.  I was having trouble sleeping, so I decided to put myself in a meditative state.  At one point I felt a clear angelic presence.  It … Continue reading

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My Dream Life

In reviewing my dream journals, I came across an entry from my college years in which I recorded a dream that lasted “a very long time, days at least.”  I do not remember the dream today.  But it is clear … Continue reading

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