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3. Chronic Conditions Create an Opportunity for Deep Pilgrimage

I felt in need of a great pilgrimage/ So I sat still for three days/ And God came to me. ~Kabir Folks with chronic/physically limiting conditions might consider Kabir’s quote as a necessary suggestion.  Pain or hardship can become a … Continue reading

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Stop the Charging Moose

“Stop the charging bull,” A Zen master commands.  It’s a koan, and you can’t reason with it. You’re on your own, with only your original face to guide you.  You can no more stop a charging bull than you can … Continue reading

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Waking With Pain

In a land far removed from our time and dominant materialist view, there lived a very old wizard — old enough to retire and gather a wizard’s pension.  One day he was visited by a friend and colleague, who asked: … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Spiritual Musings

Fourth of July Aurora Fireworks When I was 23 years old, I was the director of the Gunflint Wilderness Camp, a small camp literally surrounded by the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. On the … Continue reading

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Reflections: A Touching Story about the Validity of our Worldview

Having a valid worldview could actually save your life.  For example, here’s a view that could be dangerous: Wild grizzly bears are cute and cuddly.   So long as the individual with that view only encounters representations, such as a photograph, … Continue reading

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