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What Do we Share of our Shamanic Experience?

In the spring of 1995, a BBC film team approached our shamanic drumming group in order to gain permission to film as we worked in circle. I hadn’t heard of the BBC show in question. Our group was contacted because … Continue reading

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Group synchronicity and the Creation of Events

According to Carl Jung, a synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence between events not causally connected on the surface. Jung states they are connected below the surface, and for a reason that the unconscious and its archetypes are trying to communicate.  … Continue reading

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Time through a Cat’s Eyes

The following poem is rendered from a nighttime dream I had when I was younger, in which I conversed with a Cheshire-like cat.  I was a cat with a human soul, primed for a hyper-real experience with potential consequences.

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Can Anxiety Speak?

Have you ever felt a disturbance in the Force?  When something in our world is amiss, something personal to which we could respond, there is disharmony or potential disharmony at the edges of consciousness.  If we are open or empathic, … Continue reading

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Attending to the Sacred

Many of us have a general or intuitive idea that which is sacred. There is an intrinsic quality to the Sacred – a radiance, connection or presence that awakens consciousness.  A sublime buoyancy.  Attending to the Sacred gives our lives … Continue reading

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