Gathering My Life Into Feathers


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This book is a record of wonder, a witness to those events that give meaning to my personal struggles; a gathering of my life into feathers. Within the pages of this book are individual tales of discovery, love, synchronicity, and Power; an autobiography of my spiritual experience.

The book focuses on the breakthrough events of my life, when the veil between worlds is thin – evidence of the interconnectedness of my small life with something so much larger. While some of my experience may seem miraculous, these tales are completely true.  Otherwise they would not be worth telling.

My life has offered a variety of Spirit-experience, and I have divided this book into nine sections to organize those experiences by theme.  In this way, those stories connected over time can be presented together. Following is a brief synopsis:

  1. START AT THE BEGINNING: Some background to my life and early experiences, such as spontaneous channeling and the yogas of karate and meditation.
  2. PURSUING ADVENTURE: Experiences as a VISTA volunteer in Texas, director of a wilderness camp for boys, hitchhiking, and not achieving the summit.
  3. THE WOUNDED BODY: At age 27 my life changed irrevocably due to physical complications.
  4. SHAMANISM:  Some highlights of my shamanic experience.
  5. STALKING A SORCERER: My experience seeking the depth of the shamanic rabbit hole.
  6. THE FAMILY SHAMAN: Transforming multi-generational shadows that were constraining family potential.  In other words, healing the family myth through shamanism.
  7. ANIMALS AND INSECTS: A biography of my life through my interaction with pets, animals, and insects.  The spontaneous discovery of animal telepathy.
  8. DREAMS:  Informative and lucid examples of dreaming.
  9. LIVING INTENTIONALLY: Thoughts on the road not taken, the theology of nourishing experience, and how we define the sacred in our lives.

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