Sacred Conversations

Sacred Conversations is a series of conversations between Soul and myself that are rendered in poetic form, as poetic exchange.  The book includes 26 illustrations.

When I wrote the first poem in this series, I thought at the time it would be the only poem of its kind (originally titled “Conversations With Soul”).  I didn’t want to journal my conversations with Soul, which are sometimes personal and may lack artistic merit (sometimes the purpose is to link with Presence, not with words). But I could feel more poems asking to be “written.” The Soul and I made a deal, so to speak.  We would endeavor to present our conversations in a concise and poetic fashion so that they were more or less pre-edited.

I’ve been having conversations with Soul for some time.  I used to call it speaking with my daimon (Socrates and Jung both reported having daimons), then with my Abstract Teacher.  Now I seem to have settled on Soul (some might refer to it as the Oversoul).  The world of Soul feels different than a normal internal conversation I might have while talking silently to myself, or a generated thought fantasy to test outcomes in reality.  In other words, the thoughts seem separate for my normal consciousness.  They are intrinsically spiritual, but practical at the same time.  I hope the same can be said of this poetry.

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