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Experience with Power Animals

Recently, I was attending a meeting of a local group that refers to itself as The Philosophical Society. It was our first meeting, and the organizer asked that we all introduce ourselves by name and by power animal. Given that … Continue reading

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Attending to the Sacred

Many of us have a general or intuitive idea that which is sacred. There is an intrinsic quality to the Sacred – a radiance, connection or presence that awakens consciousness.  A sublime buoyancy.  Attending to the Sacred gives our lives … Continue reading

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2. Gilgamesh: A Dream Explanation of Chronic Pain

In June of 1988 I had a dream in which I took a hold of a book entitled GILGAMESH.  I looked at the title for a long time, then I heard the words, “You are wounded and re-wounded in Gilgamesh.”  … Continue reading

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Stop the Charging Moose

“Stop the charging bull,” A Zen master commands.  It’s a koan, and you can’t reason with it. You’re on your own, with only your original face to guide you.  You can no more stop a charging bull than you can … Continue reading

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House Extraction and Miraculous Synchronicity

My brother John inherited a house we previously called The Cottage.  The process was complicated, and required a good deal of shamanic work on my part to help facilitate the transfer.  Germane to this account is the history of spiders … Continue reading

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