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Reflections: Using Music to describe Resonance

I’d like to begin with a personal haiku: this earth is vibrant and I like a string attached moved with vibration That’s resonance. I think many of us have an intuitive notion of resonance, that feeling of connection at multiple … Continue reading

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Reflections: What Can One Person Do?

Sometimes it may seem like the individual is somewhat helpless when confronted with large-scale tragedies or dysfunctional government politics.  One vote doesn’t amount to much, and our worldwide information system can deliver tragedy wherever we go.  If we only focus … Continue reading

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Reflections: Sacred Conversation through Active Presence

Do you ever have conversations with your spirit helpers or higher Self/ teacher and you’re not on a shamanic journey or disciplined into an expanded state of consciousness?    These are conversations you might have in a journey, except maybe you’re … Continue reading

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Reflections: The Difficulty with Translations

Warning: This post contains material that some may consider silly. Recently I was having a conversation with a friend* regarding the difficulty with translations from one language to another.  We were discussing the poetry of the Persian mystic Rumi.  Without … Continue reading

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