The Prince James Bible in a Can

The Prince James Bible in a CanMy nephew never went to Sunday school, and since I was his godfather, it was my theoretical responsibility to educate him in spiritual matters. The original idea for this book was to write an entertaining biblical tutorial in order to transmit essential stories of our culture. But as I wrote, I vacillated between popularizing scholarship, presenting a humanistic perspective, and humor. Being easily sidetracked, I digressed into my own musings. It soon became clear that, while the book had underpinnings of popularizing scholarship and presenting a humanistic perspective, it was primarily a book of humor. As of this writing, my nephew hasn’t read it either.

Despite the absurd non-sequiturs, I did try to maintain a tone that is mostly reverent. No doubt, some will think that I have failed miserably in that regard. But I tried fairly hard to let you know when I am spoofing, so that you will recognize the occasionally honest commentary. And rest assured, whenever a Bible verse is quoted – that verse has been rendered verbatim, using the King James Version as reference.

The book mainly focuses on the Old Testament.  There are only two chapters that relate to the New Testament: Updated Parables and Revelation (Condensed and Solidified).

I can’t claim to have retrieved written proof from a mountaintop, but I’m pretty sure that God approves of my little effort.  That’s because God created humor.  It most likely occurred after tossing Adam and Eve out of the Garden; what I refer to as the eighth day of creation when he also created begetting (that’s Bible-speak for sex).

In a nutshell: this book is dedicated to the Word – and to the silly word.

By the way, if it were a movie, this book would probably earn a PG-13 rating for references to adult subject matter.  So if you choose to read it to your seven-year-old nephew, use a little discretion.

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