Writers in the Afterlife

Writers in the Afterlife - Jim PriceWhat is the ultimate meaning of life? What happens when we die?  What happens if we don’t die?  And what do intelligent extraterrestrial beings think of us?

“Ask and ye shall find.”  Speculative fiction makes no such guarantees.  Neither does it hit you over the head with intense metaphysics. But fiction can explore important topics without the need for scientific or philosophical footnotes.  This book of short stories is an imaginative exploration of life and afterlife; the possibilities of continued consciousness.  Many of the stories are linked.  For example, the Death Defier is told as a single story in six parts.

I also intended variety – humor, adult circumstance, mystery, and a range of afterlife possibility.

Some of these stories are more shamanic than others are.  For example, in the first story the protagonist goes shopping at Reincarnation Mall to buy her next life.  Of course, I don’t actually believe there is a Reincarnation Mall – the story is metaphoric.  I want to be entertaining as well as thoughtful.

It was my intention from the start to write stories that could be strung together, sharing a common theme.  When I finished and put them in order, I was surprised to find a serendipitous arc.

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